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בדיקת ספקים בסין
26 trading was founded in order to be an effective tool to conduct business in China for foreign companies, businesses and entrepreneurs. We live and breathe the Chinese business worlds and understand the needs of our clients. Reliability, loyalty, professionalism and service are the values ​​that guide us as the basis for our clients' success.

We are committed to our clients and provide them with a full range of services and commercial solutions in China, under one roof. Whether it is manufacturing a product, procurement or a business venture in China, we specialize and successfully handle the entire end-to-end process, in accordance with the demands, the best quality, and the most affordable prices, for the satisfaction of our clients.

Our company is registered in Hong Kong since 2012 and has two offices in China with Chinese and international human capital, with decades of professional experience, ready to personally accompany you in every commercial process in China. We work with a huge number of suppliers in China and have an extensive network of contacts that help our customers gain leverage for every requirement, quality and cost saving. Our experience, professionalism, reputation and expertise with Chinese culture and the complex and changing market conditions are the secret for your success in China.

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We believe in personal attention, are attentive to the needs of our clients and invite you to receive initial information and advice at no cost.