Product development in China

26 Trading offers all the solutions and services required for a successful business operation in China under one roof. As part of these services and solutions, we specialize in representation in China, as well as personal accompaniment in China.

– On-demand product manufacture, from the stage of sample manufacture to the stage of commercial production

– Checking manufacturer records, certification certificates, production capacity, financial resilience, seniority, availability and manpower

– Transferring your demand data and negotiating with the manufacturer while safeguarding your interests

– Financial conduct vis-à-vis the manufacturer

– Personal accompaniment in China in business exhibitions and representation vis-à-vis Chinese manufacturers

– Personal accompaniment in trading markets and representation vis-à-vis Chinese manufacturers

– Administrative Services – from hotel room booking and airport pick-up to kosher food supply

Storage, logistics and shipping
from China
Quality Control Management in
Locating Suppliers in China –
Locating Products in China
Representation and personal
accompaniment in China
Introductory meeting and

Free consultation meeting!

We believe in personal attention, are attentive to the needs of our clients and invite you to receive initial information and advice at no cost.