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For your convenience, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

First, you need to know precisely what you want to buy, what price is the most cost-effective, and how much you want; then you should come to us in China, we will take you to factories/markets where it’s most cost-effective to buy what you need, help you choose a reliable and professional supplier, bargain with him and make the order. Then, after you return home, we continue to be in regular contact with the supplier until your order is ready. When the order is ready, we will carefully check that what we received is exactly what you ordered, and then we will send you the goods to your country.
No. It's just not worth your while. With all the shipping and import costs, it will be almost exactly the same price you would pay in your country. You should buy in China when you want to buy large quantities.
Do you already manufacture and work in China? Excellent! We will be happy to improve your service, give you full confidence in working in China with all parties, save you unnecessary fees and reduce costs.
The rule of thumb is a month to manufacture and an additional month of shipment by sea to your warehouse. Sometimes people order products that are already ready in the warehouse, and then the process is significantly shortened. You can also send some of the products by air, and then the shipment time shortens to a week.
It is highly recommended that you do, but there are products for which you do not have to come, depending on the product. If you would like to bring a clothes collection, then you should come, because even a part of the selection cannot be conveyed by photos, but if you need chairs for a restaurant, or if you are renovating an office, we can send you catalogs to choose from.
Your communication is carried out through email, telephone, and chat with your personal representative at our company, who takes care of every detail and requirement on your part vis-à-vis the Chinese suppliers and accompanies you throughout the process.
Without knowing what you want to buy or manufacture we cannot help. If necessary, we can sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) in order to remove your concerns.
It all depends on what you want to buy and whether you come to China or not. You are welcome to contact us for a free initial consultation meeting and a quotation.
Our job is to make sure of that. With our decades of manufacturing experience, we will ensure that the production is carried out by the right suppliers and that they manufacture exactly what you ordered. At the same time, we are in China, and sometimes there are deviations from the order. Most of the time, we will discover it, and together we will decide how to deal with the supplier.
If the goods are not suitable because you changed your mind and suddenly you do are not interested in a purple sofa, then there is nothing to do; but if the product does not match the order, contact us immediately and we will take care of it.
Our service is from the moment of shipment and departure of the goods from China. We do not deal with the clearance of goods from customs in your country, but we can recommend you a number of leading customs agents that we work with. Thanks to the large number of customers that we refer to them, you can enjoy a very competitive price and together with the customs agent, you will release the goods. Of course, can also work with your own customs agent.
China has a very common saying that says, in English, “you get what you pay for”. When ordering small quantities, we do not recommend bargaining too hard, because the supplier will tell you yes, and there are some things that you cannot see and the product may be of a lesser quality. If you buy and take the product immediately, you should definitely bargain. In any case, it should all be done pleasantly, with a smile, and you should always listen to the recommendations of your personal representative.

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