Storage, logistics and shipping from China

26 Trading offers all the solutions and services required for a successful business operation in China under one roof. As part of these services and solutions, we specialize in storage solutions in China, logistics and shipping from China.With a purchase power of thousands of containers per year, and the tools and capabilities that are fully controlled by us, our customers enjoy the best and most efficient logistics prices and services.

– Advanced computerized warehouses that are fully controlled and managed by us

– A professional and reliable staff with cutting-edge equipment that is employed and managed by us

– Storage solutions in China

– flexible and creative for every requirement- Storage by containers, pallets or crates

– Transport of goods in China

– Conveying and collecting products from various suppliers in China

– Handling local documentation

– Partial and full containerization

– Concentrated air or sea shipping from multiple orders/suppliers

– Handling documentation and customs

– Full insurances

– Reception of products from various suppliers

– Storage and cataloging products in a computerized system

– Labelling and marking products

– Preparation of the product and packaging for shipment

– Interfacing with online retail sites and online stores

– Distributing products to customers worldwide

Storage, logistics and shipping
from China
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